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3 Moving Tips You Will Use

One:  Don't Top It Off

When a box reaches maximum weight, pack the space with crumpled clean newsprint paper and move on - Don't leave to find things to fill it.

Two: Don't Pack Twice

Don't waste time removing your clothes from dresser draws.  Just removed the draws, cover them up and haul them off individually.

Three: Save Tape & Time

Each box just needs four tape strips.  Three to seal the bottom sides flaps shut, and one to seal the top flaps shut.

At Storage Authority we provide boxes, packing and moving supplies to make moving simple.

Did you know it takes 30 boxes to move the average house?

Let it Snow

Its that time of year again up north.  Time to plow the snow!

Did you know snow removal is a sign of how much a facility really cares about you and your stuff and the day after a snow storm is a great time to check out a facility.

I have seen many facilities that are not even plowed the day of a storm.  And many more that still have that triangle of snow up against the building that is never cleaned off. If you see this when you visit a facility run for the hills!

If you want to get into your unit during the winter you have to bring your own shovel? And then if you had a warm day with a little melt you will find your door frozen to the concrete. And it is possible that the snow can create a dam during a rain storm that can trap water that goes into your unit.

At Storage Authority you will find the snow is plowed and shoveled away every storm. - all the snow!  We care about you!