Storage Authority FAQ in Sarasota, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

What is self-storage?

We rent individual storage spaces for a wide range of business and personal use. Only you have the key to your space.

Can you help me pick the right size space for my needs?

Absolutely. Our staff is here to help. Just call us or stop by the nearest Storage Authority and tell us what you need to store and where you are keeping it now, and we'll be able to suggest the best options for you. We offer a large variety of storage spaces to fit our clients' specific needs.

You can also read through storage unit sizes. Each unit description includes examples of what could be stored in the unit, and compares the size of the unit to familiar spaces in your home or office.

Who rents self-storage?

Our individual users include homeowners preparing to sell their homes or between homes, or doing remodeling projects, automobile or motorcycle owners storing their vehicles, students going home for the summer, travelers storing items while overseas. And of course apartment dwellers or homeowners who just need extra space.

Our business clients include lawyers, accountants, doctors and many businesses storing documents; retail business and product reps storing merchandise, furniture and equipment; and plumbing, electrical, carpenters and other contractors storing supplies and equipment.

Are the storage units heated or cooled?

The majority of our facilities offer climate controlled and regular storage spaces. Please check with your local facility for availability of climate control units.

When should climate control be used?

Consider renting a climate-controlled space for the following items: appliances, furniture, musical equipment, crystal and glassware, books, electronics, equipment / devices, computers, fine linens, clothing, mattresses, business files / records, painting and pharmaceutical products. Any items that could be damaged by extreme temperature changes or high humidity should be stored in a climate control unit. Also, it is much nicer to access a climate controlled storage space in the winter or summer.

How do I rent?

You can rent on line, stop by or give your local facility a call. We will work hard to earn your self storage business.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and checks. Payments can be made in person, by mail or on line. For your convenience we also have an automatic credit card payment plan to save you time and eliminate late fees.

Are there any items that I cannot store?

You cannot store food or perishable items, flammable items, explosives or hazardous materials. Our lease describes these restrictions in more details. Please contact us if you have questions on storage of a particular item.

Do I Need Insurance? Does Storage Authority Insure my goods?

We don't know the value of what each person stores, nor what property is added or removed over time. We prefer to keep rents low for the benefit of everyone and have each person choose the insurance coverage that best fits their needs.

We care about your property. Therefore, insurance is required. Each tenant chooses how to insure their property. As a convenience, Storage Authority offers a policy specifically designed for self storage.

What size storage units do you have?

We offer a wide range of sizes so you only pay for the space you need. We have small spaces that are great for a few boxes or a few items, medium spaces good for storing one or two rooms of furniture and large units capable of storing vehicles or furnishings from a four bedroom home or contractors supplies.

How long can I stay - or do I have to stay?

Our rental agreements are based on a month to month tenancy.

Do you sell moving & packing supplies?

The majority of our facilities provide one stop shopping for your moving and packing supplies.

What kind of security do you have?

We offer a variety of security systems for your benefit. The security varies from facility to facility but typically includes perimeter fence with a computer access gate and video surveillance.

What are your office and gate hours?

Typically the office is open 6-7 days a week with gate access 7 days a week. Please check with your local facility for their office and gate hours.


Please check with your local storage for specific store services, products and sizes as they may vary at each location.