Climate-controlled units at Coventry Self Storage in Coventry, Connecticut

Climate-Controlled Self Storage in Coventry

When it comes to storing more sensitive items, climate-controlled units are recommended. While our traditional units provide a clean, dry space to store your belongings, climate-controlled units go one step further by offering a regulated environment. For items more sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, climate-controlled units are the best option. At Coventry Self Storage we keep our climate-controlled units 85 degrees or cooler in the summer and 50 degrees or warmer in the winter. By renting a climate-controlled unit you’ll still get to take advantage of all the features that set our facility apart. Enjoy easy access, helpful extras, and the knowledge that your items are in a climate-controlled unit in a fully fenced facility.

Why Climate Control?

Not sure whether your items require climate control? As your go-to storage experts, our team can help. While traditional units work great for a wide variety of your belongings, items more susceptible to fluctuations in temperature or humidity should be stored in a climate-controlled unit. Looking to store photos, files or records, clothing, upholstered, furniture, paintings, beds, clothing, electronics we have you covered with our climate control units. Any items that could be damaged by extreme temperature changes or high humidity should be stored in a climate control unit. Also, a second access key pad provides additional security and it is much nicer to access a climate storage space in the extreme winter and summer temperatures.

To learn more about climate-controlled units, contact us today. We look forward to chatting with you.