Climate-controlled units at Mansfield Self & RV Storage in Mansfield, Connecticut

Climate-Controlled Self Storage in Mansfield

A lot of the items you’re looking to store will do great in our traditional units. But when it comes time to store more sensitive items, climate-controlled units get the job done. Climate-controlled units maintain temperature and humidity levels to prevent big fluctuations that could harm your belongings. We keep our units at 85 degrees or cooler in the summer and a minimum of 50 degrees in the winter. Choosing a climate-controlled unit gives you all the same features and access you have with our traditional units, so picking up or dropping off your belongings is quick and simple.


Why Climate Control?

Wondering whether a traditional or climate-controlled unit would work best for your belongings? As an authority on storage, we’re here to help. Feel free to chat with our team about the right unit for you.

Consider renting a climate-controlled space for the following items: appliances, furniture, musical equipment, crystal and glassware, books, photos, electronics, equipment/devices, computers, fine linens, clothing, mattresses, business files/records, paintings, and pharmaceutical products. Any items that could be damaged by extreme temperature changes or high humidity should be stored in a climate control unit. Also, a second access keypad provides additional security and it is much nicer to access a climate storage space in the extreme winter and summer temperatures. Our climate-controlled units also come in a variety of sizes so you can pick just the right one for your needs.

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